Food Tasting(Prix fixe)of 11 course meal, $49.00 per person, 2 table minimum, ten guests per table.

1. 五福臨門Five Star Cold Cuts Platter

2. 鮑魚,蟹肉,海參湯 Abalone with Crab Meat with Sea Cucumber Soup

3. 避風塘龍蝦Fried Lobster in Typhoon Shelter

4. 密汁核桃蝦Honey Walnut with Prawn

5. 恩典西式牛肉粒 Filet Mignon, Black Garlic, Butter with Supreme Sauce Special

6.海參碧綠鮑片Slice Abalone with Garden Green Veggies & Sea Cucumber

7. 恩典七寶蔬Grace Style Seven Vegetables

8. 古法蒸海魚Steamed Whole Fish

9. 富人炒飯(香腸,叉燒,蝦,乾干貝,鳳梨) Fried Rice with B.B.Q Pork, Diced Pineapple, & Sausage, Shrimp & Dry Scallop

10. 新鮮水果Fresh Fruits

11. 蛋糕Cake